Young Urban Swedish: Variation and change in multilingual settings Lindberg, Inger Stockholm University, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Language Education.


Introduction. Sweden is a linguistically heterogeneous country with many speakers of languages other than Swedish. According to the National Agency of Education, 25% of the students in compulsory school and 32% in upper secondary school have a “migrant background”, i.e., are foreign-born or have foreign-born parents (Skolverket, 2019).

Tore Otterup: Multilingual Students in a CLIL-School - Possibilities and Perspectives Chapter 15. Bethanne Paulsrud: Just a Little Plus: The CLIL Student Perspective … Ganuza, Natalia. 2011. Syntactic variation in the Swedish of adolescents in multilingual urban settings – a thesis summary.

Multilingual education  a swedish perspective inger lindberg

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voice onset time: categorical perception of Swedish stops by near-native L2 speakers. Language and Speech, 57/4. 425-450. 194. Hyltenstam, K. (2014).

Table of Contents: Introduction MARIE CARLSON AND ANNIKA RABO Challenges in Multicultural Education Historical Ethnography of a Multicultural Education: A Critical Memory of the 1970s-80s ARZU OZTURKMEN Reorganising Teacher Education in Sweden: Paradoxes of Diversity ANNIKA RABO Educating little Solders and Little Ayses: Militarised and Gendered Citizenship in Turkish Textbooks …

Education in  Inger LINDBERG, professor emerita | Cited by 67 | of Stockholm University, of Swedish Receptive Vocabulary in CLIL: A Multilingual Perspective: Insights from  av I Lindberg · Citerat av 91 — Inger Lindberg är professor i tvåspråkighet med inriktning mot andraspråksin- lärning vid Institutionen multilingualism in the Swedish society in the early 21st century. The need the Language Act with special relevance for issues of education, democracy The Best for Our Children: Critical Perspectives on Literacy for.

Inger Lindberg Inger Lindberg is a professor of Swedish as a second language at the University of Gothenburg. Her PhD (1995) was “Discourse in and out of Classrooms. Studies of learner discourse in the acquisition of Swedish as a second language in educational contexts”.

Multilingual education  a swedish perspective inger lindberg

Short, Deborah J. 2005. Teaching and learning content through a second language.

Multilingual education  a swedish perspective inger lindberg

230–257. (28 pp.) Lindberg, Inger.
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Sören Öman är ordförande i Arbetsdomstolen,  Multilingualism and Education – a Swedish Perspective Lindberg, Inger Stockholm University, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Education in Languages and Language Development. I nger Lindberg writes about ‘Multilingual Education: A Swedish Perspective’ from a sociolinguistic perspective with a concern about language policy in t heory and practice. Inger Lindberg In the new multilingual Sweden. In this article, global as well as local aspects of language dominance are considered in a discussion of the role of language for social equity, Swedish, linguistic typology and literary representations of linguistic variation.

I: Roger Källström & Inger Lindberg (red.): Young Urban Swedish. S. 89-103. (4 s.) The purpose of this study is to examine practices of encouraging student participation in second language interaction from a scaffolding theoretical perspective. Participant observation and observational field notes of second language interaction conducted in Hedman’s ethnographic fieldwork in L2 classrooms in upper secondary education between 2017-2021.
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Multilingual education  a swedish perspective inger lindberg sms smartschool
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religious, educational, and secular institutions; press, theater, and the use of the Swedish language in America; Swedish Americans prominent in politics, 

Lindberg, I (2007). Multilingual Education: a Swedish Perspective. Swedish Research provision for Muslim children in the UK and Swedish education systems. Sweden Frescativägen 54 Fax: +46 8 15 31 33 Lindberg, I (2007).

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29 apr 2020 dex of evaluative reactions toward different language Ordet approach är spritt och allmänt forskaren Inger Lindberg menar att det är en and multilingual study guidance in Sweden and community language education

207 – 241. 2013 193. Lindberg, I. & Hyltenstam, K. (2013). While it is embedded in the Swedish context, the nature of this study means that it has strong implications on an international basis. Review Based on evidence from a research project on upper-secondary CLIL and non-CLIL programmes in Sweden, this book offers new, challenging and thought-provoking findings on a range of topics relating to L1 and L2 learning outcomes and participants' perspectives.

multilingual area, has 220 pupils from preparatory school through Form 6, and is 98 percent multilingual with native languages/mother tongues other than Swedish. There are up to 30 pupils with varying lengths of in-country residence, from those born in Sweden to those newly arrived, in each classroom.

(2007). Social Class, Social Sttus and Stratification: Revisiting Familiar Concepts in Sociolinguistics. Selected Papers from NWAV 35 Volume 13 Issue 2.

The need the Language Act with special relevance for issues speak Swedish as an additional language participate in meetings place for development (APU1), which aimed to promote workplace learning and reflection in Inger Lindberg is a researcher and professor at the University of Stockholm. 21 Sep 2012 both perspectives and hence have tended to be ne- glected. assisted language learning, text complexity and lexical semantics (e.g., Borin 2012); neth Hyltenstam and Inger Lindberg, editors, Sven- ska som andraspråk and Cultural Inclusion – in a Swedish School Context 83. Marita Gareis, FBA, Uppsala University.